14w6d and 15w

2 days for the price of one! Lucky ducks. 

I am happy to report I have not vomited for 2 days. I am only nauseated in the evenings. So sort of back to normal. 

Baby is the size of a navel orange, which are 4 inches long in case you didn’t know. 

I didn’t write yesterday because I was so unbelievably tired. The same is true today, but I’m not going to allow myself to miss 2 days in a row. 

I missed yoga again yesterday. All the being sick the day before left me too tired to drag myself there. But apparently there’s a 4-week session starting in January that I can attend for free to make up for the 4 weeks I’ve missed. Namastes all around to my yoga instructor for her goodness. 

I went grocery shopping yesterday and thought seriously about making dinner. Three cheers for me. 

Today was church, and I did the music for the children. We practiced Christmas songs. I had a lot of fun but also expended more energy in 20-minute spurts than I have in weeks, so I left completely drained of all energy. Go me!

I’m going to close this post before I fall asleep typing. No joke. 

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One Response to 14w6d and 15w

  1. Kathryn Lee Peris says:

    You are a natural with the children. They LOVE your style! I wondered about the expense of energy for you. I hope you got a decent night’s sleep. Have you tried Seabands for nausea?


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