My husband asked me today if I would have wanted another baby as badly if we had had a girl first and I’d been this sick. It’s a question I cannot answer. 

I only know that today has been the worst day for sickness and vomiting so far. Unfortunately. Heading out of the first trimester is not helping as of yet. 

I took the Diclegis for three days and did not feel better. Instead, I was getting more tired by the day while still feeling sick as a dog. Maybe a small dog. But still. 

So I stopped taking it and have gotten worse by the day. Kinda makes me wish I had never taken it in the first place. Kinda reminds me why I feel ill will toward drugs generally. (I feel no ill will toward people who benefit from drugs when they need them.)

I’m getting in bed before 9 pm tonight. I’m taking Diclegis again because I’m hoping it will at least help me sleep and keep me from vomiting overnight and first thing in the morning. 

A girl can dream. Or hope to have dreams. 

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One Response to 14w1d

  1. Carol says:

    This makes me feel so bad for you. I do not like it at all. Oh Alyce.


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