Baby is the size of a peach. And she’s working on covering herself in lanugo. You know, baby peach fuzz.

At church today I talked about Mary and what I believe her experiences were when Jesus was born. I believe that in so many ways, his birth was like every birth. Hard. Beautiful. Miraculous. Sacred.

I also believe that when she looked into her baby’s eyes, she could see something eternal. A relationship that reaches backward and forward in time. I have had moments like that, especially when my son was first born.

I think that a lot of times we think of Mary as so special and holy (which she surely was) that we can’t relate to her because we are normal and flawed. But I think that when a woman gives birth she is her most holy and sacred self. So in some ways that most sacred time when Jesus came to earth is the time that we can most easily relate to her.

Not sure I said that very well.

But it’s late and I have a horrible headache and can’t sleep and feel like vomiting and find myself wondering if Mary had morning sickness.

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