I made two pumpkin pies today with the rest of my homemade purée. They didn’t turn out, and it’s my fault. I am so bummed, and so is my husband. 

I watched the last episode of the new Gilmore Girls with some friends. No spoilers, but I wasn’t a big fan and am glad it’s over. We all congratulated me when I didn’t throw up the whole time. I give myself credit for getting it over with before I left the house. 

My son threw up last night. We don’t know if it’s out of sympathy for me or if he had too much soda at dinner. Probably the latter. 

At my Gilmore Girls party I was given some essential oils that are supposed to help with the nausea. I’m game. I’ll report back. 

Also at the GG party my friends who have experience with Zofran talked about the dreadful constipation that accompanies it. Commenters on Facebook have said the same, but hearing about it in person is more impactful. I’m hopeful that the essential oils and getting farther into the second trimester will mean I don’t have to experiment with the other drugs that are out there. 

Our Christmas tree is up and lit. Ornaments to follow. 

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  1. Carol says:

    Miracles have not ceased. Remember.


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