You’re tired of hearing about me being sick. I’m tired of reporting on it.

So today I’m going to talk about food. Aversions and cravings.

Well, cravings is probably too strong a word. Let’s say aversions and tolerations.

Peanut butter. Normally, I love peanut butter. On toast. On an apple. On a graham cracker. But somewhere early in this pregnancy, I found it unpleasant one morning. Since then, I have had a hard time ever eating any. Sad to say.

Eggs. Well, I’ve had problems with eggs for a while. The thought of eating them is almost enough to induce gagging. Or worse. But here’s something funny. I have been able to have a fried egg on toast a few times in the last week. Like I voluntarily ate it and didn’t die. Of course, at some points during the eating, I had to close my eyes and concentrate on swallowing, but that happens with more than just eggs. Did I publish the post about how I couldn’t swallow applesauce one day?

Liquids. I want to drink the world. Well, not soft drinks. Those give me heartburn. But milk or juice of just about any kind would do for me. If only there was an option to do that without overloading myself with sugar. I guess I should also say that I barely tolerate protein drinks but still drink them occasionally to boost my protein intake.

Ramen. Yes, I said ramen. Especially Yakisoba. I should put that on my Christmas list. I like to eat it. Not daily. But I will eat it willingly almost anytime the idea strikes me.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Also tolerable. Sometimes even seems yummy. But I never feel great afterward. So I haven’t had any lately.

Hot dogs. I mean, I’ve only had maybe 4 hot dogs while being pregnant. But that’s 4 more hot dogs than I’ve had in the last year. I might need a hot dog this weekend.

Vegetables. Poor yummy vegetables have felt neglected by pregnant me. I have found that I can eat them when they are in front of me. But I never want to eat them and therefore don’t make them and therefore don’t find them in front of me very often. If someone else makes them, I am able to eat them. Like I said, when they’re in front of me, I will eat. Usually.

Cucumbers. Cucumbers get their own entry only so I can mention that they smell good to me. I haven’t purchased a cucumber at the store in who knows how long. But my sister-in-law brought one into our home when she visited last week. And then my sister brought one when she visited, too. And when I smelled them, I was so pleased. I even ate some and was not displeased.

Fruit. I like to eat grapes. And apples. And dried apricots. And clementines (wish I had some in my house right now). Last night, I had a bowl of pineapple and pomegranate. A surprisingly pleasant combination. Most fruits feel safe to me. Like they won’t cause me pain or regret.

Bagels. Bagels with cream cheese are another safe choice. Not necessarily for how I will feel later. More like my mind doesn’t react negatively to the thought of eating a bagel. So I eat them freely and take comfort in the fact that I have a calm mind about them.

Soup. The idea of soup is easy on my mind. But when it’s in front of me, I sometimes can’t partake. Except for the autumn squash soup at Panera. I like to eat that.

Potato chips. Speaking of Panera, their kettle chips are yummy, especially when dipped in the squash soup. Salty and crunchy is good.

Candy. A no-no. I passed my glucose test, but my body does not support the intake of most sugars, especially high fructose corn syrup. So I don’t eat candy often. And when I do, I usually come to regret it.

Water. I drink a lot of water. And I almost always like doing it.

Tums. We have discovered Tums Smoothies. They are far more tolerable and less chalky than regular Tums. (My sis-in-law takes chewy Alka-Seltzer. I want to try them.) But Tums Smoothies have been, at least three times, the thing that induced vomiting. So. That’s not cool.

For the most part, if I have to do a lot of chewing (bagels being the surprise exception), I don’t want to deal with that food. The longer a food has to spend in my mouth, the worse off I am. Not sure if there’s any relationship between any of that and when I end up vomiting. I doubt there’s a correlation. Sigh.

I’m going to go eat a cup of sugar-free cherry jello now. Maybe two.

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