Today was DC day.

And I ate a lot of candy. Well, a lot for me. But I had to do it to keep myself awake with sugar bumps and to keep my stomach as calm as possible by putting things in it. Candy was all that was available in my office.

I told two more co-workers. Out of the blue. And they were excited. Their office mate (and my friend) is also pregnant. Exactly 7 weeks behind me. Due in July 2017. So we talk about how we’ll have twin babies. Maybe we should take pregnant pictures together.

I haven’t told my boss.

I have not vomited for a couple of days. BUT. I have done a lot of heaving and gagging. I find that sometimes the urge to vomit will go away for a while if I allow myself to heave a few times. Weird, huh. And probably TMI.

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