I passed the 1-hr glucose test! I can’t tell you how good it felt to find out. No 3-hr test looming in my immediate future. 

In fact, no 3-hr test ever again if I don’t want. If I fail the 1-hr at 28 weeks, I can tell them to skip the 3-hr and just diagnose me as gestationally diabetic. So says Jen the midwife. And I am just fine with that plan. 

Also today. I heard the heartbeat and saw the little bugger bouncing around in her little cocoon. 

It was an impromptu ultrasound when Jen couldn’t find the heartbeat with the Doppler. Apparently I had some bowel gas in the way. And a uterus that’s tipped backward. (Transverse is somewhere in the proper term for it.) And a mobile baby. Makes the Doppler pretty much useless. 

I also got some drugs for the nausea. It’s the vitamin b-6/unisom combination pill you take at bedtime that apparently helps a lot of women. We’re about to find out if it helps me. Or if it turns me into a zombie like it does my sister. Which would not be workable since I have a job. 

The descent to exhaustion and nausea happened around 3 pm today. I sort of wish I had been paying attention to when it happened every day, but that would be just a wee bit obsessive, and I already feel obsessive enough because I’m tracking at least some things every day. 

In other news, I took my son to his first movie today. With his Darrington cousins. Pete’s Dragon. A great time was had by all. 

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One Response to 13w1d

  1. Carol says:

    Oh boy! What fun.


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