Today we prepped for Thanksgiving, which highlighted some other pregnancy symptoms I’ve been ignoring: pregnancy brain and fumble fingers. 

I wandered around the kitchen never able to remember what I was doing or why I opened that drawer or cupboard. I had trouble picking things up and had a few near misses of dropping things. And a couple of didn’t miss and actually dropped it. 

I wasn’t able to be as miserable about my nausea and constant urge to gag or heave because there was too much other stuff going. Thanks goodness for that. 

Which presents a challenging opportunity. I could operate like my body seems to want me to: rest, lounge, suffer. Or I could push myself to be busy busy busy and hopefully not have time for the bad stuff. Ugh. That sounds awful and like a dream land all at once. 

Of course I woke up and almost vomited in my bed so being busy isn’t a foolproof solution. 

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One Response to 12w3d

  1. Carol says:

    Oh Alyce.


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