My husband didn’t come to bed until after 2 am. He stayed up watching the BYU football game.

I woke up sometime after he got in bed to pee. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t get up to use the bathroom at least once in the night. So that’s not a pregnancy symptom.

When I came back to bed, he started telling me about the game. He also said he was having trouble sleeping, which is beyond unusual for him.

He was analyzing the game. Trying to get used to a mouthpiece intended to prevent snoring. And thinking that we might have twins and stressing about all that would mean.

When I get hungry these days, I feel a sort of mild desperation about eating. The feeling in my stomach is strange. I don’t know if it’s what it’s always been like and I’m telling myself it’s something different and maybe related to being pregnant or if it actually is a symptom.

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One Response to 4w6d 

  1. Carol says:

    No. He’s not pregnant. Right?

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