I have apparently taught my son the word “barf.” And this morning he pretended he was barfing. So at least he’s learning useful things from me as I slog through these days of being a sick pregnant mom. 

I’m reaching the conclusion that if I stay up late enough (it’s 10 pm) I will vomit by virtue of being up long enough for it to happen. So to bed I go as soon as possible. 

Today was actually noticeably better than yesterday. I didn’t feel on the verge of losing the whole day. And the descension to straight-up nausea and heartburn didn’t happen until later in the day. Hooray. 

I do have other things going on in my life. I write about that sometimes. But these posts are meant to capture a record of my pregnancy. So you only get to hear about how hard that is right now. Hooray!

I got notification from my OB that I had 2 appointments scheduled next week. I called today to get that sorted out. I explained the situation, and the scheduler looked me up in the system. 

Re the second appointment she said, “Have you had your baby?”

“Umm, no.”

“When are you due?”


“This appointment is for you 6-week postpartum check-up. I’m going to go ahead and cancel that one.”

Yeah, you go ahead and do that. And what I’m really thinking is that there’s possibly some woman out there who thinks she has her postpartum appointment that day, but it was under my name and is now gone from the calendar. Some provider is going to be double-booked for that time slot. At least as far as the patients are concerned. I mean, do you think that’s what happened? If not, then what the heck happened?

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