My stomach was not kind to me today. No matter what I ate or drank or how much or how little, I have felt off in my tummy. I am not a fan of days like these. It’s 9:06 and I’m in bed and ready to sleep to put an end to this blah feeling. 

I have hope that I will feel better – at least for a little while – in the morning because I usually do. 

Tomorrow is pregnancy yoga. I’ve missed the last two weeks because I haven’t felt up to dragging myself there. I really hope I can pull it off tomorrow. 

My husband has now been hit with the cold that I had. Poor guy. He is miserable. 

We are a sad lot. Our poor toddler who feels totally fine has to put up with his old and crotchety and sick and no-fun parents. 

I have this goal to write every day about how I’m feeling. But if I feel awful for days in a row, it’s surely not going to be fun to read. I know I get tired of writing the same thing every day. 

Here’s hoping I get to have the mythical second trimester bounce back. 

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One Response to 11w5d

  1. Carol says:

    These last three posts are FUN to read, even though you feel crummy. Donald Trump hair is the mysterious funny typical Saxby stuff. Don’t you think? Carry on, Alyce. And Ben. And Saxbaby. Or is it Saxtoddler?


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