less than 18 minutes

This is another bathroom-at-a-fast-food-restaurant story. I beg your pardon for the unpleasantness. 

If you drive between Utah and Boise, you might stop along the way. You might not, but many people do. 

My aunt and uncle stop in Jerome. There’s also Twin Falls or Burley on the Idaho side or Snowville or Tremonton on the Utah side. Or the rest area in the strip of trees just before the border. 

My family has stopped in all of these places over the years. Burley is far and away the most popular pit stop.  

We stopped in Burley again today. We decided to eat at Wendy’s. 

My husband used the bathroom while my son and I ran around outside. 

We came back. We got our food. 

I decided it was time to visit the facilities mid-meal. 

As I sat there taking care of business, another woman entered the bathroom and then quickly got herself into the other stall. 

It didn’t register how fast she had been moving until I heard her begin vomiting. 

Yes, she was vomiting. 

I’m not going to describe it. You’ve nearly all of you experienced it before. I heard it all. Poor woman. Poor me. 

I wanted to hightail it out of there, but I wasn’t finished. I was obliged to push through the experience with her. 

I texted my husband to share the good news. 


I was pretty certain that even if she was finished, she was going to wait in her stall until I left. Wouldn’t you do the same?

I flushed. Exited the stall. Washed my hands thoroughly. Used a paper towel to open the door. Went back to my family to attempt to finish eating. 

And we waited. Because it’s true that we wanted to know whom I’d been in the bathroom with. Can’t explain exactly why we felt the need to know. I’m hoping you understand. 

After a few minutes, out came the poor creature. Suddenly, I felt sicker than I had when sharing the bathroom with her. She was a Wendy’s employee, and we watched her head back to her assigned food preparation station. She was making burgers and sandwiches for the drive-thru orders. 

My husband confirmed that he had watched the other young woman make our burgers. But does that really make you feel better about the whole thing?

Happy trails, people. 

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4 Responses to less than 18 minutes

  1. mar says:

    Oh man! Let’s hope she was pregnant and in her first trimester. That’s what I’m going to believe anyhow.


  2. Carol says:

    No is the answer. No. No way am I going to eat there after that. I mean if I had been there. And I think I mean ever. As in EVER.


  3. I accepted your dare. And bleghhhhh.


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