7w3d – Oct 19

We told the rest of our siblings today.

Took a lot of hinting to get my husband’s family to pay attention to what our son’s shirt said. It was pretty fun.

And we got fun phone calls from his sisters expressing their joy and surprise and support and excitement.

My lower back on the right side gave me some real issues today. I don’t even know how to describe the pain. It’s just there. Pain. It’s not an ache. It’s not sharp or shooting. It’s not soreness. It just hurts like crazy. And when it hurts it seems no position offers relief.

As I prepared the syringe tonight I was bemoaning the idea of doing progesterone shots twice a day for more than 2 more weeks. But then I told myself not to wish away any of these days. This is my last time being pregnant. These are also the last monhs of having my son be our only child. I need to hold tight to every day.

That being said, our son is a real charmer. Says hi to everyone. Walking on the greenbelt was fun. Dinner was fun where he asked everyone who walked by what they were doing.

He also started asking people, whatever their gender, “How’s it going, ladies?” He thought he was so funny. I thought he was adorable.

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