7w1d – Oct 17

Spent several hours of the day riding in the car. On the way to grandmother’s house.

You might think that I would have some store of energy after all those hours spent sitting. But boy howdy. Exhausted.

I guess that’s the word of the day again. Exhausted.

Found out today about a friend having a miscarriage. Talk about putting a chill on how I’m feeling about things. We are supposed to tell some of my siblings tomorrow. Hearing about someone losing her baby gives me a lot of pause.

But I am telling myself to trust in the heartbeat we saw and also in the feelings I’ve had and the message I heard.

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One Response to 7w1d – Oct 17

  1. shoutloudly says:

    You should be thinking about all of the babies that make it – like yours. Sending you happy and healthy thoughts. So happy for you!


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