6w3d – Oct 12

I suppose most pregnant women don’t have to deal with progesterone shots in the buns. I’m one of the lucky ones.

Today was a first for me and my husband. When we pulled out the needle, blood squirted at him from the injection site. Squirted.

None of it got on him, but Aunt Mary’s bath mat got a nice spray of blood.

I think that an ice pack should be on the shopping list for today.

We are on vacation right now. Two time zones away from home. That and the fact that we don’t have access to our own kitchen are going to make the next week or so hard. I feel the worst when I’m hungry or thirsty. I also don’t handle straight sugary stuff well.

I would benefit from frequent small, healthy meals. That is not going to be easy to pull off on the road. Wish me luck.

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