I’m switching to progesterone in olive oil instead of progesterone in sesame oil. Hoping to say goodbye to hives and horrible itching. We shall see.

The olive oil progesterone arrived yesterday while I was in DC. We haven’t used it yet, though, because I wanted to talk to Nurse Rachel first to make sure everything was hunky-dory.

Here’s the story.

Walgreens specialty doesn’t do progesterone in anything but sesame oil. So Nurse Rachel called South Miami Pharmacy. SMP does their own compounding, so we were in business.

SMP called me on Tuesday night to set up the order and timing of delivery. They’ll get it here by Thursday so I can stop the itching. Hooray.

Another phone call from SMP, this time to voice mail because I wasn’t near my phone. Turns out, they want to talk to me as soon as possible in case they have to send the other that night.

I call them back.

Can the shipment wait until next week?


Okay, we’re sending it tonight to get there tomorrow. We have to get things sent out ahead of Hurricane Matthew.

Then there’s some discussion about how it’s not something they send through insurance because it’s not the commercially available compound (i.e., it’s not sesame oil). They’ll send a form, and I can submit it to my insurance for reimbursement. (Wonder how that will go.)

Okay. $359 on my card sounds wonderful. (As if.) Take care.

And then another phone call.

The prescription is for the 50mL concentration, and we don’t have that.

You’re kidding me.

We do have a 100mL concentration, and you can totally use that. You would just inject .5mL instead of 1mL. Plus, it’s cheaper. Only $299 (+ $20 shipping fee).

Sounds doable. I need it so let’s do it. Thanks, SMP. Good night. Stay safe.

It was not until this morning that I was able to find 3 minutes to call the Fertility Center to make sure the different concentration really was okay. I assumed it was but wanted to hear it from them before I started injecting.

Yes, I spent over $300 without knowing with certainty that the different dosage was okay. But I had a hunch. I’ve been around the block a time or seven with fertility drugs.

Nurse Rachel wasn’t available when I called.

They’re doing IVF procedures this morning. (I reflexively catch my breath at the thought.) But I can have her call you.

That’s just fine. Thanks. No rush.

Nurse Rachel has now called. 100mL concentration and a .5mL dose is just dandy. Go forth and inject.

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