My HCG was 1328 today. Fantastic, said Nurse Rachel in her voice mail.

But let me back up.

I woke up in the night with hives on my backside. I was so hot. So itchy. I sat down to pee (because of course I had to) and was suddenly sweating. My whole body. Hot and sticky.

What I’m writing isn’t honest writing if I don’t admit that I was afraid I was going to have a miscarriage. Not like I know what that is like, but I just didn’t feel right, and my mind immediately went to the worst possible option.

I somehow went back to sleep. The itching and burning kept me awake more than anything else.

I ate a bowl of Cheerios with fresh blueberries for breakfast and took my morning pills before I drove to the appointment for my blood test.

Michelle was the provider there today, and I gave her the honor of looking at my rump in an effort to figure out what the heck was going on. She and Amy both took a gander. They both assured me that I hadn’t caused this problem with my excessive scratching. (I still contend that I am not scratching often at all. Solidarity, after all.)

Michelle explained that I might be developing an allergy to the solution the progesterone is dissolved in. Sesame oil, in fact. She recommended I use some topical cortisone cream and take a Benadryl at night. Hopefully, all my problems will go away. If not, they will talk to the pharmacy about switching to progesterone in olive oil or some other oil.

Blood drawn.

I headed home. Time for breakfast with my son.

I ate a piece of toast with peanut butter. Well, part of a piece. He ate the rest.

Then we all went to the chiropractor. While we waited, I began to feel unwell. Of the indigestion variety. At least there was toilet paper and air freshener. Sorry, but if this is real life pregnancy then you get guts and glory. Not quite sure why cheerios and blueberries and toast and peanut butter made me sick, but such is life.

I felt better but not wonderful.

Onto the chiropractor’s table. We told her that I’m pregnant. Not my favorite thing to tell people outside of family before I’ve told family. But she gets to be on the inner circle of the medical professionals in our lives. C’est la vie.

I felt blah on the drive home. A cross between nausea and hunger. So I call it blah. A blah that comes and goes. I have no idea if it is a pregnancy symptom or just an off day.

Turkey and avocado sandwich and carrots and hummus for lunch. I’m reporting on my food intake because I’m trying to improve it and feel like I did really well today.

More blah. Clog the toilet blah. Being honest blah.

My son went down for his nap, so I followed suit. I slept for less than an hour but slept deeply enough that I completely missed my phone ringing. Yes, it was on silent, but it was on the bed next to me, so you would think I would have felt/heard the vibrations. Not to mention the fact that I was wearing my Fitbit, which buzzes when my phone rings. Didn’t feel the vibration on my wrist either. Slept right through the phone call with the fantastic HCG numbers.

I called Rachel back. We talked about options for my hives. Rachel will call the pharmacy on Tuesday to find out if they have other options besides sesame oil available. And I will call to report on the status of my hives.

I scheduled an ultrasound to hopefully hear a heartbeat a week from today.

Downstairs now to tell my husband the HCG report. I admit to myself, though perhaps not to him, that I’m totally relieved about the numbers. I had been mildly anxious all week that things would be moving in a good direction. He was shocked at how high the numbers were. Amy at the Fertility Center said they look for the numbers to double about every other day. Following that math, today’s number would have been in the 500s. She said that we would probably come in one more time because they like to test until the number is over 1000. My husband knew all of that, so 1300 was unexpected.

Are we having twins? he asked. That number is huge.

Funny that we had 3 embryos transferred when I got pregnant the first time and I don’t remember ever being concerned about multiples. But this time we are both worried it might actually happen.

We will find out in the next few weeks if there’s more than one little one in there.

For now, I have assuaged both of our concerns by looking up some website that shows a range of HCG levels at different points in time after conception. I am totally at the low end of the range. Totally normal.

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