5 weeks

I am told by my many pregnancy apps that the baby is the size of an appleseed that looks a lot like a tadpole. Organs will form this week. I’m trying to imagine a heart that is even smaller than an appleseed.

I am also told that I might have sore breasts, fatigue, and the urge to pee frequently (my kidneys are getting bigger). My breasts are only sore when my son jumps on or elbows them. I am tired a lot. And I haven’t noticed anything about the frequency of my pees.

I was super irritable the first trimester of my first pregnancy. I wonder if that will be true again. My guess is yes because I have been unusually impatient with my son the last couple of days.

Tomorrow is the second blood test to confirm the pregnancy.

My husband just asked me if we just found out we were pregnant this past Tuesday.

Yes, I said.

It’s really been less than a week? he marveled.

Yes, I said.

Feels like longer.

I’ve already mentioned the progesterone shots. Those started 3 weeks ago and will last another 5 weeks. They are brutal, if I haven’t mentioned that already.

I also take estrace twice a day. And prenatal vitamins in the morning and low-dose aspirin and vitamin D in the evening. Ten individual pills altogether.

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