4w3d – Sept 28

I drove to DC today. It’s Wednesday, currently the day of my long commute.

It’s easy not to “act” pregnant around people. But it’s fun to know that I am, and others don’t know.

Part of the protocol is progesterone shots twice a day. In the butt. When I’m working at home, my husband does both butt shots. When I go to DC, I have to have the nurse at my building give me my shot.

Today was the third time the nurse has given me the shot. The two previous times, I have ended up with horrible, rashy red patches at and/or around the injection site. I believe it is the adhesive on the band-aids they use.

Last week, Nurse Barbara told me I didn’t need to bring the needles with me. They have oodles of needles available at the Wellness Center.

I brought the needles today anyway.

But she didn’t want to use them. They have a special kind of needle where the needle retracts somehow so they don’t prick themselves.

At first, she couldn’t get the fluid into the needle she had chosen. It was clearly too small a needle to get the juice out. I told her that we use a larger gauge needle to fill the syringe and then switch to a smaller needle.

She left the room to get a different needle.

This time, it works better. But she didn’t fill the syringe with air and then push that into the bottle of progesterone. So it still didn’t work all that well.

Still, she made it work and then switched to the small needle.

She had me lie face down on the table and wrap my arms around a pillow. Then she pulled down my pants and exposed my buttocks. I felt very attractive.

She stuck the needle in and then commented that it was very hard to push the progesterone out of the needle. Yep, I said, we use a 22-gauge needle because 25 is too small and was hurting my husband’s fingers.

She finished and showed me a trick for how my husband could hold the needle so it wouldn’t hurt his fingers. I thought that she must not have heard me say that we use a larger-gauge needle.

She put on a band-aid. Even though there was very little bleeding.

Nurse Barbara then showed me that she had used a 25-gauge 5/8-inch needle.

And, well, I knew that was wrong. I, who have done 7 IVF cycles and given myself countless shots but have no formal medical training, knew it should have been a 1-1/2-inch needle.

Progesterone is an intramuscular injection, you see, and not subcutaneous. Which Nurse Barbara knew last week because we talked about it while she was doing the injection correctly and telling my that the glutes are the largest muscle in the body and therefore is where the injections will be the least painful. And which she could have known this week because it’s on an instruction sheet from my doctor in my file that she had on the counter next to my progesterone.

So next week, I’ll make sure does it right.

And of course, none of this would have happened if she had used the needles that I brought with me. You know, the needles that the pharmacy sent as part of the prescription from my doctor.

But anyway. I didn’t freak out. I called my doctor and told them what happened. Christie said it was fine since it was just the one time.

Again, I don’t feel obviously pregnant. To which I say “duh” because I’m still not even 5 weeks.

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One Response to 4w3d – Sept 28

  1. Carol says:

    I’m not happy with nurse Barbara or any of those people who think they know better than anyone. But I’m sure by now you have trained her, if she is trainable. And why is there a New Balance ad at the end of your post?


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