I’m Pregnant Day 1: 4w2d

My blood test was at 8:15 am.

And then I waited. Wrote and waited.

My phone rang at 12:59 pm. I saw Fertility Center on the caller ID. This is it.

I answered.

It was Michele.

And I knew. I knew she was going to tell me the pregnancy test was positive.

If it’s negative, one of the “staff” calls.

Last time it was positive, the providers were so excited, they drew straws for which one got to call me.

Not sure if there was straw-drawing this time, but the fact that a provider was calling me meant good news was coming.

Your pregnancy test was positive. Your HCG is at 71. [Anything above 25 = pregnant.] Your progesterone looks reeeaallly good at 43.something.

And I’m just saying “okay” intermittently.

Finally, I said that I was just trying to process the information in an attempt to explain my seeming nonchalance about it all.

She asked if I had any questions.

I asked if the progesterone shots were still twice a day for the next six weeks. (I was hoping she would tell me once a day would be enough. No such luck.)

A few seconds later my husband, who had been participating in a class session for his online business law class, was of a sudden standing in the doorway to my office. Grinning expectantly.

I nodded quickly and with big eyes. His smile got bigger, face got brighter.

Michele and I talked of scheduling a follow-up blood test for Monday, October 3. I asked her when the first ultrasound would be. (I didn’t tell her, but I was thinking that I hope it’s before our trip to Utah and Idaho so we don’t have to wait two extra weeks to hear a heartbeat. (Or heartbeats because what if there are two in there!)) She said they schedule the first ultrasound at around 6 weeks. You’re about 4 weeks and a couple of days right now.

My husband was overhearing this. I was smiling. He was smiling. At one point, he pointed to his eyes and whispered that he was tearing up.

I squealed. Finally, really. Told Michele that we were getting excited.

She transferred me to someone who could schedule the next blood test.

Monday at 8:15. They’ll check HCG and progesterone again.

I hung up.

Then my husband and I hugged and hugged and hugged.

Of course, I feel nothing different on this first day of knowing I’m pregnant.

I’ve checked the due date calculator. June 4, 2017, apparently.

I’ve downloaded several pregnancy apps.

We’ve told our moms. But no one else for a little while.

I’ve felt sad for my son who won’t be my only child or my baby anymore.

I’ve thought that we’re nuts for wanting another child because it’s soooo tiring to take care of a newborn.

That’s pretty much it.


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