apparently it takes a village to raise a child

in this larsen family, it takes a village to make a child in the first place.

you are part of that village. if indeed there is a “you” out there.

i haven’t written it all down (and i really should if i know what’s good for me), but i have been led here. slowly but surely and little by little to this place where we are doing IVF again.

we are doing IVF again because i believe that’s what we are supposed to do. that my Father in Heaven wants me/us to do this.

i don’t know if He wants us to have another baby(ies) or not. i just know that we are supposed to do IVF again.

and if i learned anything the first 5 times we did IVF, i learned that i can’t do this alone.

i need help.

i need people to hope for me when i get discouraged. whether from sheer fatigue or from the sheer amounts of hormones coursing through me.

i need people to cheer me on when the days seem long and when the nights are even longer.

i need people to pray for us.

we have received so much help already. mostly financial help.

in the form of a fundraiser: besides some much-needed moolah, my friend’s act of setting up that gofundme page helped immeasurably to turn a whole lot of feeling stuck and hopeless into a whole lot of momentum.

in the form of donated drugs: my friend gave me over $1000 worth of drugs. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. and she gave me those drugs right when i felt like we just weren’t actually going to have enough money to take the plunge.

now that the money is in place and now that we are firm in our resolve to do this thing, i’m asking for your help, for your prayers to get me through it.

on your mark.

get set.




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3 Responses to apparently it takes a village to raise a child

  1. Ami says:

    You’ve got my prayers, hope, enthusiasm and LOVE– and whatever else you need!


  2. Carol says:

    Me too.


  3. mar says:

    ditto. i’ll give you all i have to give. xoxoxo


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