my womb is yelling

remember that time i told you about that girl who said her womb was yelling?

i thought when her womb yelled and when i wrote about that i would never be someone whose womb yelled.

but, my friends, i have to confess something.

my womb just yelled.

i was not expecting it. but it happened nonetheless.

my sister-in-law was induced today.

her husband has been giving us text updates of the progress.

we are all so excited to have another baby in the family. another little boy on the way. today.

it was one of his texts that did it. my womb responded and would have texted back if it could.

wanna know what the text said?

“10 cm”

that’s what did it.

i’m laughing about it now. can you imagine being more baby hungry than you’ve ever been in your life at the moment when you hear that another woman is about to have to push a baby out?

i mean, it makes total sense, really, but is also crazy.

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One Response to my womb is yelling

  1. Carol says:

    I believe I do understand, but if you could only describe the sound . . .


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