the nighttime ritual, part 1

after bbl has on his pajamas and we’ve brushed his teeth while facetiming with lola, he goes to the top of the stairs.

“daaaad. ray pear!”

he might have to say it again if dad didn’t hear the first time.

dad comes halfway up the stairs and waits for bbl to come give him a kiss through the railing.

then we have family prayer.


bbl: “do sack a taloes.”

dad wanders away and into other rooms. “where’s my sack of potatoes? where’s my sack of potatoes. is he in here?”

bbl takes my hand and we follow dad.

soon, dad finds his sack of potatoes and starts chasing after him. we run and scream and giggle until dad catches his sack of potatoes and throws him over his shoulder.

then, “who wants to buy my sack of potatoes? who wants my sack of potatoes?”

bbl feigns protest.

mom: “let me see that sack of potatoes. are there really potatoes in there?”

she tickles bbl and squeezes his legs. he giggles, raises himself from over dad’s shoulder (with some assistance from dad) and dives into mom’s arms.

all three hug.

“family hug, family hug, family hug,” say mom and dad together, while swaying back and forth.

mom and dad kiss. bbl puts his hands on their cheeks. they stop kissing.

bbl kisses mom. bbl kisses dad.

dad says, “i love you.”

bbl says, “good night.”

dad says, “i love you.”

bbl says, “good night.”

dad says, “i LOVE you.”

bbl says, “i yuh you. good night.”

dad says, “good night.”

they kiss again.

mom and bbl go into bbl’s room.

end of part 1.



  1. the facetime call with lola is always bbl’s suggestion. it goes something like this. “let’s go brush your teeth.” “bus a teef.” we go to the bathroom and sit bbl on the counter. i get out the toothbrushes and toothpaste. while i’m applying the toothpaste, bbl says, “call lola.” he’s very good at saying “lola.” has been for months.
  2. we have been known to do ring around the rosies or a form of hide and seek that involves jumping out and scaring the seeker. but lately, bbl prefers sack a taloes. if we play hide and seek, we start with both parents hiding. bbl comes to find one of us, usually me, and then we go find dad. after that, bbl hides behind our bedroom door and one of us goes somewhere else to hide. the parent not hiding goes to find bbl. “where’s bbl?” he jumps out from behind the bedroom door. while holding hands, they go in search of the hiding parent. “whey is mommy?” “i’m mommy.” “whey is da-y? is he ovah heeeere?” then dad jumps out, and we start all over again, this time with mommy hiding.
  3. bbl sometimes says “i love you” but mostly says “i yuh you,” unless you are the one to start by saying a prolonged i, in which case he will always say “love you” in response.


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3 Responses to the nighttime ritual, part 1

  1. Carol says:

    going to bed was never that fun for you. lucky bbl.


  2. shoutloudly says:

    I think my kids would all like to live at your house. Me too for that matter.


  3. mar says:

    i love everything about this. i love everything about seeing you as a mother. and i love that you are my friend.


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