horses horses horses horses

it won’t be long before it’s time to begin our IVF cycle that will either result in bbl being an older brother or an only child. (no pressure.)

i want to tell you about one of the little decision points along the way.

[CAUTION: i will be using words like “uterine lining” and “vagina” and “buttocks” and “discharge,” so look away if you can’t handle it.]

progesterone. it’s one of the hormones a woman takes during the IVF cycle. it’s actually the hormone she takes once she’s done with the other drugs and while she waits (and waits and waits) for the pregnancy test day (and possibly longer, depending on her progesterone level on the day of a pregnancy test that has a positive result).

progesterone is a hormone that the body produces naturally. it is important for, among other things, preparing the uterine lining to be a perfect place for a fertilized egg to make itself comfortable and stay awhile. that’s basically why a woman takes it during IVF, to make sure the hormone is present in large enough quantities since her body’s own efforts might not cut the mustard on account of the other drugs she has taken reducing her body’s ability to make the stuff. you can read more about progesterone generally here and its role in IVF here if you’re interested.

got it? good.

here’s more about progesterone as a hormone supplement during IVF and why it matters to me right now.

during my previous 5 IVF cycles, i have taken progesterone in 2 forms: vaginal suppositories and injections. i believe a woman could also use a cream, but i never have, so i can’t comment. the handy dandy table below details the main advantages and disadvantages of the suppository and the injection.

form of progesterone pro con
vaginal suppository -no needles
-no pain
-inserted 3 times per day
-causes a constant and messy discharge, like you’re basically continually leaking
-hate the word “suppository”
injection -$
-no mess
-once a day
-PAIN now and pain later
-the shot itself is painful when it happens, but whatever gets injected causes severe and lasting pain; the pain lasted for months into my pregnancy even though i stopped the injections after week 10
-someone else administers the shot into my buttocks

what to do. what to do.

save money and incur pain and anguish. avoid pain but spend more money and feel like you should be wearing a diaper.

allow me to provide you with further specifics.

i only used the injectable progesterone once i had a positive pregnancy test and my progesterone was way lower than they wanted it to be (even though i had been using the suppositories faithfully). if i get pregnant again, i’m guessing my doctor will switch me to the shots no matter what i choose to do during the IVF cycle. so should i just start with the injections and save the money?

how much money are we talking, you ask? about $100. ish.

does that make the decision for you? $100 is a lot of money. but if we’re going to be spending over $4000 on IVF drugs anyway (which we are), is $100 just a drop in the bucket?

is avoiding pain for a couple of weeks worth spending $100 more? or should we save that $100 and incur the pain, thus freeing up the $100 to pay for the other drugs?

it’s not an obvious choice for me. would it be obvious for you?

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4 Responses to horses horses horses horses

  1. Jessica says:

    I would struggle with the choice, too, but I want to tell you to pay $100, take the suppositories, and be pain free!


  2. Carol says:

    I’ll give you the $100.


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