i am really good at picking out flaws, especially my own. if i’m not careful, i will focus on the imperfections to the point of forgetting about all of the perfections – or at least all of the good.

here’s an example.

i got married. my wedding day was wonderful. we were surrounded by beloved family and friends. my dress was beautiful. i looked beautiful. i was happy. my new husband was happy. the reception – by design – was simple. nothing very fancy. just an opportunity and place for people to gather and celebrate and talk and smile and munch on goodies. the stars of the goody offerings were the freshly made mini donuts.

IMG_7851 copyIMG_7819 copy

the setting was peaceful and lovely. at a new facility along the boise river. the people who came had a great time, by all accounts. we mingled hand-in-hand among our family and friends. we received congratulations on our recently tied knot and praise for the indescribable deliciousness of the donuts.

IMG_8086 copy

it was the perfect day.

except that the cookies (another goody available to reception-goers) were no good. not yummy at all.

or so i’m told. i never ate one. (never ate a donut either, for that matter. such is the life of the bride and groom at their own reception.) just heard afterward that no one ate the cookies and that they were terrible.

i have actually spent some amount of time kicking myself for those cookies. i’ve told myself that people could have thought my wedding day and reception were fabulous if not for the cookies. as though people sat around afterward and said things like, “if only she hadn’t had those cookies, i would have enjoyed myself.”

it’s a pretty ridiculous way of going about your life. holding on to the flaws and imperfections. beating yourself up for them. what a waste of time and energy.

so i try to apply the principles taught here, a devotional address given at byu.

it’s about loving yourself. giving yourself a break and recognizing that you are learning and growing and getting better each day. and then loving others.

do you know how hard it is to have that kind of perspective when you have a little baby?

it’s really hard. seeing all of your imperfections and shortcomings is so much easier.

but i’m going to try.

i could go on. i have more to say. some of it profound. but i don’t have time.

for now, please enjoy these pictures of my family.


once of my favorite pictures of bbl and his dad. ever.



changing diapers in airplane bathrooms is more fun than i imagined


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3 Responses to enough

  1. alisha says:

    I thought the cookies were pretty good. I remember eating several.


  2. Carol Schiess says:

    Let it be a lesson to us all. If we keep our focus on what’s behind, we can’t see to move ahead. You knew that. Love that picture, too.


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