i am a nursing mom

the above sentence is true due in large part to innumerable miracles. literal miracles. wrought by the power of God in my little teeny tiny insignificant life because He loves me and because i worked and worked and worked to show my faith in His Son and His power to work miracles.

i need to write about the miracles i saw. the miracles that kept me going. the answers to prayers. the tears and the weeping and the love. i need to write about it so that i remember. so that i can tell my son about it someday. so that i can teach him that miracles happen. for him and for me. and maybe, if someone reads this blog, they will learn about the reality of miracles, too.

i hope that someday i find the time to write it all down.

that day is not today.

today is just the day that i say that i am a nursing mom thanks to the miraculous love of God our Father in Heaven and His Son.

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2 Responses to i am a nursing mom

  1. ann says:

    I love this. I also know it all to be true.


  2. Rachel says:

    Amen. You capture my own sentiments! Who knew my own boy was a miracle baby—I now believe all children are miracles. All that said, keeping that faith is hard!


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