work shmerk

snow today.

ob appointment that was supposed to be this morning at 7:30 didn’t happen. doc’s website posted an alert for a delayed opening. 10 am. and then an alert that the office would open at 1:00 pm. and now an alert that they will open for evening appointments starting at 5:30.

kinda leaves me wondering when they’ll have time to meet with someone like me. who’s as close to her due date as i am. who needs nsts every week because they’re concerned about the increased risk of still birth because i’m so old. unfortunately, because they’re closed, i can’t call anyone to find out.

big deal, right. just gives me more time to hang out and visualize myself going into labor.

and don’t worry. bbl is kicking up a storm. i am not worried about the still birth risks because my belly is bee-bopping.

can you blame me for not feeling like being productive today? even though i just got a request to write up the accomplishments for my team for this past fiscal year. due today. (don’t they know bbl is due tomorrow?)

just checked the ob website again. they’re closed for the day and will reopen tomorrow. don’t you think it would be nice if someone called me to tell me what to do? i’ve called the office already today and there doesn’t seem to be an option to leave a message. the recording doesn’t say anything about what patients with appointments today should expect for rescheduling. just says that they’ll open tomorrow for appointments while also directing you to their website for any changes or possible additional delays and closures. there’s not even the option to get to their answering service to let them know if i’ve started labor. (which i haven’t, but what if i did?!) does that make sense to you?

in other news, my mom got her luggage. finally. i will spare you the agony of the details.

just know that her flight arrived in philadelphia at 4 pm on friday, and she didn’t get her luggage until almost 10 am this morning. thanks, ultimately, to fedex and no thanks to southwest airlines.

and the poor fedex guy. he couldn’t get all the way up the hill to our house because of the snow. so he lugged the 45-lb suitcase up the hill in the several inches of snow that have fallen this morning. and he went back down to his truck and proceeded to get stuck. in the middle of the road. well, facing sideways so he took up the whole width of the street. i felt so bad for him. nice guy. having to shovel his way out. because southwest airlines is stupid.

and i don’t use that word lightly. but like i said, i will spare you the agony.

onward and upward, people. let’s do this.

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  1. ann says:

    Should I work?


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