38 weeks

the nst nurse this week told me that the swelling that causes the carpal tunnel problems i’m having actually starts in my neck and shoulders. if you read between the lines, that means my little wrist braces will only help so much. my poor fat and tingly fingers. anyone have a brace for my neck and shoulders that will do any good?

due date is 2 weeks from today. 2 weeks. let’s all just ruminate on that for a bit.

part of me wants to sleep until i go into labor. whenever that will be. tomorrow? 3 weeks from now? i feel like i could conceivably sleep until then. but i also sat down this morning and made a list of 14 things to try to get done tonight after work? think i’m being overly ambitious?

notwithstanding my tiredness, i feel like i can tackle things. my friend emily came up for the weekend and worked miracles. we got so much done. so much more done than i ever imagined. so much more than i could have done in 5 weekends. and i even feel like i contributed. i did not sit there the whole time doing nothing. of course, she did most of it. miracles everywhere, i tell you. i am one grateful very pregnant lady. i think that maybe she left behind some of her drive and energy. thus, my list of 14 things. if even a speck of emily got left behind, i’ve got to be able to do at least some of them. right?

we also made what some might deem a feeble attempt at taking maternity photos. the fact that we did it at all, however, means that it was far from feeble. i even put on mascara, yous gize. emily and i are hopeful that a few photos turned out. especially the photos we took before the horse got spooked by the orange i offered.

it’s been snowing all day today. still coming down. no signs of stopping. my husband is spending the night at his hotel.

bbl still moves a lot. i have a lot of braxton hicks action going on. i still say transactions when i should say contractions. (did it last night at our child birth class in front of everyone. blargh.) my blood sugar is behaving, even after i had some well-sugared punch at a baby shower last week. my feet are sausages. when i try to do the dancer yoga pose, my fingers leave noticeable indentations that linger. my back hurts a lot.

i sound like a pregnant lady near the end of her term, right?

stopped in at the fertility center yesterday. got a pic with dr o. love her. can’t wait to introduce our little bundle to her.

i’m taking another yoga class. same place but a different teacher. really like this teacher. she doesn’t talk during shavasana. she doesn’t talk about fetuses choosing their genders. she explains things really well (at least to my hearing and brain). she’s pretty great. i hope (i think) i make it to the last 2 classes. i’d be willing to miss the classes if bbl decides to come early instead. i think.

i have a prenatal massage on thursday night. looking forward to it.

what else are you dying to know?


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4 Responses to 38 weeks

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    Yep, I’ve been ruminating on it all day. Also ruminating on the weather back there. Some fun. I’d like it to stop. Ya know?
    I believe your complaints are right on.


  2. ann says:

    OH! I am so excited for your prenatal massage! Love love love. Hooray.


  3. mar says:

    all this is so fun. not the yucky end-of-pregnancy stuff but the fact that your cutie is coming soon and you’ll have a son. love it. love you.


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