things that don’t matter

but i still think about them sometimes.

what if i am unable to eat an egg or kale or canadian bacon after this pregnancy is over?

what if aspartame really is bad for me? don’t tell me because i won’t survive the last few weeks of this pregnancy without sugar free jello and diet a&w root beer.

what if this carpal tunnel nonsense doesn’t go away and i have to wear these wrist braces for the rest of mortality? every day, i discover something else that is harder to do since i can’t bend my wrists or grab or grip things. the wrist braces are now nicknamed “stinks” because, well, they stink. like how it gets when you have to wear a cast. i have not found a solution. washing them with laundry detergent helped exactly zero.

of course, if i ended up with a permanent carpal tunnel problem, i’m sure i could have surgery or some other kind of treatment that might make the wearing of my stinks unnecessary. but don’t ask me to be rational when i’m thinking about things that don’t matter.

what if my gestational diabetes doesn’t go away and i’m told that i can never have hot chocolate again?

what if bbl isn’t as cute as all of his cousins? or what if he doesn’t look like us? my husband said that to his mom the other day. what if our baby doesn’t look like us?

i’ve told you that i snore like a banshee now, right? because i’m fatter and everything is swollen, including my nasal passages, and i have all this extra mucus. well, what if the snoring doesn’t go away? that would be tragic. so very tragic.

when am i going to get a haircut? i am so in need.

is there time between now and my due date for me to get everything done AND go get a hot stone pedicure AND a prenatal massage?

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3 Responses to things that don’t matter

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    I hope so. And if I were a person who never worried, I’d be allowed to say, “Don’t worry, Alyce.” I will say this: I see no reason for a doctor to think it’s forgone that you will, a) have blood clot issues; b) have Type 2 you know what. Those things are firm in my mind. As is my love for you.


  2. Marty says:

    I just have to say that I love your writing style. Oh, and you can cross one or two things off your worry list . . . BBL will be every bit as cute as his cousins, and I doubt very highly that he will have dark hair which means he will look just like the two of you! Can’t wait!!!!!


  3. mar says:

    um, i have no doubt that bbl will be the cutest ever. seriously. love you and cannot wait to see this babe!


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