35 weeks

almost 35 weeks

ignore the blur and the back fat. my husband took the photo 2 days before i hit 35 weeks. that’s 2 days before today.

so yeah, 35 weeks hasn’t exactly happened yet, but why not report on my ob appointment this morning.

i chose my ob because the office has midwives who do most of the deliveries and because the hospital where they deliver babies is a lot closer to my house.

the two other offices in the area that accept my insurance and have midwives on staff missed the cut because they either weren’t accepting new ob patients or deliver at a hospital a lot farther from my house.

as i sit here, i don’t know if i’ve ever told my ob office that i chose them for that reason. wait, yes, i told the midwife i met with on my first visit. but i’m guessing she didn’t mark that down in my chart and/or didn’t pass the word along.

not that me saying that would necessarily mean anything to them now. it’s just something i’m thinking about. that i put thought into the decision of where to go once i found out i was pregnant.

so. this morning. non-stress test #2 for our little guy. again, he passed with flying colors. way to be healthy, bbl. only 5 more to go. (assuming i don’t go into labor before my due date.)

my blood pressure and weight and blood sugar all look fantastic. really great.

which is why it surprised me when the midwife said that i only had a few more non-stress tests. you see, given all my special circumstances, she wouldn’t want me to go past 39 weeks and would instead suggest that we induce at 39 weeks.

she listed my special circumstances.

  1. gestational diabetes. the uneducated me doesn’t see my gd as a “circumstance” that should factor in since i’m managing my blood sugar fantastically well with my diet. but she is still concerned about the possibility of a large baby and other gd-related complications. i think it reasonable to wait until the weekly measurements or the next ultrasound show signs of a possibly huge baby or the blood sugar levels go whacky before we jump to scheduling an induction at 39 weeks. but that’s just me.
  2. my age.  38 is apparently super old and i am at a higher risk for a stillborn child simply because of my age. i suppose there’s a statistic somewhere about older women having more incidents of stillborn babies. and really, what a sad thing to contemplate. but the uneducated me thinks that if we’re doing a non-stress test every week, we’ll know if bbl is not passing with flying colors anymore and can make a plan of action then. not now. no need to jump the gun.
  3. my “factor v” results. you probably don’t know, but factor v was one of the genetic tests they did to look for a predisposition for blood clots. you should know, because i keep telling you, that all of those genetic tests came back NORMAL. so when she listed that as a reason for early induction, i came close to losing it.

i believe i said something about having to fight someone if i heard about my genetic predisposition for blood clots again.

my midwife was confused. i told her that the tests all came back normal – something she clearly didn’t realize or hadn’t checked. i told her that i took the tests to appease all of them but in passing all the tests had only succeeded in making everyone more paranoid. i told her that if passing the tests only meant that the doctors/midwives were going to say that the obvious genetic link must not be testable, then they should be worried about all the women out there who haven’t even told them about the blood clot or stroke in their families. or something like that.

and she actually agreed with me. which is different from the midwife last week and the doctor the week before.

i ultimately told her that i wasn’t completely dead set on everything natural but that i’m actually pretty close. i told her that she/they might see all these special circumstances as requiring everyone to take precautionary steps ahead of labor actually arriving on its own but that i felt more like someone who was healthy and normal carrying a healthy and normal baby.

i have gone along with their precautions the whole time, really. i’ve had extra ultrasounds. extra blood tests. i’m doing a bunch of non-stress tests. i am not unreasonable. at least not in my mind.

all the extra tests and ultrasounds have shown to me – and i wish it had shown them by now – that i have a strong and healthy body. and that my baby is doing really well.

so i guess i’m drawing the line at taking unnecessary precautions re labor and delivery before the evidence warrants it.

her reaction to my statement about wanting to be natural and normal and all that surprised me. she backed away from all she had said to that point and was totally supportive of me voicing me opinion and telling her what i wanted.

“if you don’t want to be induced, tell us. you don’t have to take our recommendation as long you and the baby seem healthy. you are the most important person in all of this because you’re the one carrying the baby. we want to do everything we can to help you have a good birth experience. so just ask. the worst that can happen is that we have to say no because what you’re asking for is not an option for us or for the hospital. but i’d 90%+ of what you might ask for is something we can do or try.”

and so on.

i feel like it was some sort of breakthrough. like i finally figured out how to say what i thought i’d been saying the whole time. and someone heard me.

here’s to the rest of 35 weeks being as illuminating.

and happy new year.

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5 Responses to 35 weeks

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    Man oh man. Isn’t it great when someone really listens to you? Now we hope she wrote it down/remembers. In a sense, I’m glad they’re looking out for you. On the other hand, what make things more complicated/difficult than they need to be? Don’t you just hate it when people write with slashes? I love the picture. Nice color on you, Alcy.


  2. Carol Schiess says:

    That should be WHY make things . . . not what. Okay?


  3. Ami says:

    You’re cute. More pictures please!
    Happy New Year!


  4. SJR says:

    I’m so on your side! Inducing should be closer to a last resort than a precaution, uneducated (11 years younger, never been pregnant) me says.


  5. I think everything looks great from here. I’m waiting for the good news and pictures!


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