31 weeks

the numbness in my hands has started happening during the day. only on my right hand so far. wearing wrist braces could become a full-time job.

my feet are swollen. the right more than the left. the swelling doesn’t so much go down at night anymore. i’m wearing my compression socks right now. i think they’re helping. i am also attempting to keep my feet elevated. which means i’m not sitting at my computer desk today. instead, i am in a big and comfy chair with my feet up on the ottoman.

i am officially a few days into my new gestational diabetes diet. my blood sugar has tested in the normal range every time so far. even last night when i had a big bowl of homemade chili and a slice of homemade bread.

my new job when it comes to eating is merely to count the carbs i’m having with every meal and snack. according to the dietitian at the diabetes center here in lancaster, i should have 30-45 grams of carbs with my breakfast but no fruit. lunch and dinner should be 45-50 carbs each. morning and afternoon snacks should be 15 carbs each. i can skip those snacks if i’m not hungry. but i must must must have a snack before bedtime. 15 carbs. and no fruit.

the carbs should be good carbs. whole grains. fruit. beans. lentils. and i should balance the carbs with protein and fat.

last night before going to bed i had ritz peanut butter sandwiches that i assembled all by myself. i transformed 6 whole wheat ritz crackers and smuckers natural chunky peanut butter (the kind you stir and then refrigerate, which is really the very best thing ever) into 3 yummy sandwiches. it’s pretty much all i’ve been thinking about all day.

at my gd education class, one of the other ladies said she found some carb smart ice cream bars by breyers that only have 11 carbs. just right for a snack. except that i bought some and tried one with my morning snack today and have felt off and bordering on awful ever since. so does anyone want 5 ice cream bars? i won’t be eating them.

i still have concerns about how often i will have to go to the grocery store. i can tell i’m going to be tired of cheese sticks really soon. i hope i can eat almonds after this pregnancy is over. i eat them like i’m getting paid for it now.

i also have discovered that when you stay at home and eat at regular intervals all day that you dirty a TON of dishes. before my diagnosis, i was far more likely to graze all day and not dirty much by way of dishes but also not eat a definable meal.

it’s also a lot easier to stay on a schedule and make sure you’re eating right when you don’t go anywhere. i have been home all week and had total control of what i consume and when i test my blood sugar. but tonight, i’m going to a friend’s baby shower. tomorrow is a Christmas dinner party at church. haven’t quite figured out in my head how i’ll navigate it all. but i am sure it will be fine. just not quite as easy and obvious as when i’m chilling here at the homestead.

we ordered a rocker/glider and ottoman last week. (thanks, mom.) it’s not particularly attractive. in fact, my husband and i have been calling it ugly. it won’t match the other decor in the baby room. but both of us just love sitting in it. talk about comfortable. worth every penny and all of the attendant ugliness.

i have primed the drawers of the dresser for the baby room. finally. now it’s time to paint. i hope i like the yellow as much as i remember. i’m pretty sure i will. who wants to come paint with me?

i haven’t gained weight in close to 2 months. up to that point, though, i had already gained something in the neighborhood of 20-25 pounds, so no one is worried. the baby is still growing. of that i am certain. i can tell by his new-found ability to be everywhere at the same time. pushing on opposite sides of me. at the top and bottom. simultaneously.

even though i didn’t officially start my gd diet until this week, i had been keeping track of carbs and such for the 2 weeks before that. and this new diet, they say, could actually lead to some weight loss.

so no, i haven’t been gaining weight. but it’s all good. the baby movement and swollen feet and hands are my evidence. and the round ligament pain when i walk. and the waddling. and the snoring at night. (ask my husband about it sometime.) all kinds of good stuff. lots of good evidence that baby boy larsen is growing up a storm.

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One Response to 31 weeks

  1. ann says:

    Hooray for baby boy Larsen.


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