28 weeks

if i sleep on my right side, my right hip hurts. if i sleep on my left side, my left hip doesn’t hurt, but my baby kicks me on the left side.

at my appointment this week, the midwife said my baby is sideways, lying across my body. thus, the kicks on the left side. nobody’s worried about the position of the wee babe until 36 weeks.

i failed my one-hour glucose test again. but just barely, they say. i cried when the midwife told me. and then i bawled on the phone to my sister after the appointment. monday is my 3-hour fer rill gestational diabetes test. pray for me. srsly. i am a wreck about it.

two nights ago, my heartburn woke me up. my cousin told me to look forward to the possibility. hooray that it has finally happened. ha. i’ve already said that heartburn is my constant companion. it was true at the time. and then i had a respite. i am now back to full-time burning.

on monday, i had 13 vials of blood drawn. yes, i said 13 vials. one for the glucose test. 12 for various other tests, most of which will attempt to answer the question of whether i have a genetic predisposition for any clotting disorders. (can’t wait for the bill.) i am of two minds about the whole thing. part of me is so convinced that the tests will come back negative. the other part of me, the part of me ruled by pregnancy hormones, is a little bit worried.

but even if the tests say that i have a genetic predisposition, it still doesn’t mean that anything bad will happen or that anything will go wrong. so i will try to rule over the powerful hormones coursing through me and not be worried.

i wake up frequently in the night. usually only once to release the pressure in my bladder and get a drink of cold and refreshing and yummy yummy water. the other times i wake up because one of my hands is asleep or totally numb. it is never the hand on the bottom, so to speak. it is always the free hand, the hand on top. according to the midwife, it’s carpal tunnel. thanks to a pregnant woman’s tendency to retain excess water.

she told me to wear wrist braces, which i’ve done for the past two nights. and guess what. no numb hands. don’t you love when the prescribed treatment actually works that easily.

the baby registry is the bane of my existence.

wedding registries are so much easier. you know what you like. you know what you need.

but baby registries? you don’t know nuffin’. what will you like? what will the baby like? what will work? and everyone who already has a kid or kids has an opinion. based on what worked for them. and you welcome the opinions. and listen to them all. and you’re still left wondering.

i have really struggled and felt overwhelmed and stupid.

it might be a while before i’m able to post about weeks 25, 26, and 27. which probably means i will forget most of what happened or what i felt those weeks. except week 25. that week was our babymoon in cali. a week not to be forgotten. because of all the pictures we took and because of how much we enjoyed ourselves.

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4 Responses to 28 weeks

  1. mar says:

    ah, the carpal tunnel is the worst! or maybe the heartburn? or maybe whatever other weird aliment no one tells you about 🙂 i’m so sorry about the glucose test. i will send positive vibes and prayers your way, dear friend! xoxo


  2. Cherie says:

    I don’t deal with heartburn, but I feel your pain with the carpal tunnel! I end up wearing the wrist braces 24/7 toward the end of my pregnancies. Ugh.


  3. ann says:

    How did I miss this one?
    You know I had numb hands, right?
    Are you sleeping a bit propped up? Like three pillows under your head and shoulders? Might help with the heartburn in the night. But it also might make you wake up uncomfortable.
    The gift registry! I still say put it back on your dear friends and relations to take responsibility for choosing a gift for you. If they have opinions about what is best, let them put such opinions to use buying you gifts. As long as they are kind enough to include gift receipts, everyone should be happy! We all have work, shower guests! Let no one shirk!


  4. Carol Schiess says:



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