so far behind

i’m in the middle of 27 weeks and haven’t said a word about this week or the last 2. you should be ashamed of me. i was consistent and faithful there for a while. 

it’s performance evaluation time at work. i supervise 5 people and have to assign their ratings and also work with them to come up with plans and goals for the coming year (that started over a month ago.)

it is easily at the bottom of the list of things i want to do at work. or at the top of the list of things i don’t want to do at work.

but i’m not bitter about it. 

i dreamed last night that i was doing a performance evaluation with one of my staff. he wasn’t paying attention. he was laughing and joking. my husband was there and backing up the things i was saying during the evaluation. suddenly, the guy jumps up and runs outside, changes his shirt in an instant by some magical trick (that he came back and showed us later), and starts playing with some kids on playground equipment of some sort. i was also packing for a long trip and had forgotten my underthings and couldn’t seem to go back and get them.

it’s safe to say that these performance evaluations are on my mind. 1 down. 4 to go. wish me luck.

don’t know if he’ll see this, but i need to say that i love my husband very much. he is good and kind and hard-working and wonderful. so don’t you forget it.

more later.

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3 Responses to so far behind

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    But I see it, and I like to see it.


  2. ann says:

    you forgot funny.


  3. Marty says:

    I agree with all the above.


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