24 weeks

i’m working again. shutdown over. for now.

we put together our crib and changing table since last you heard from me. they’re cute. trust me. because i don’t feel like uploading photos right now. my apologies.

i put the second coat of primer on the dresser for the baby’s room yesterday. i think it’s ready for some yellow now.

i dreamed that i had the baby and that he could talk. he was telling me everything i was doing wrong in the breastfeeding category. i really appreciated his input. ahem.

i want postum. it reminds me of good things and warmth. but it’s apparently not very available – i.e., not on local store shelves – and is, in my opinion, super expensive where it is available – e.g., $11.95 for an 8 oz jar + $8.13 shipping from the postum.com website.

if i want it to be locally available badly enough, i can send this to my local grocer. but even if it’s on the shelves at the store down the street, will the price be something i can stomach? i doubt it.

oh, postum, why are you so elusive in my hour of need?

we had an ultrasound last friday to look specifically at the development of the heart. the little guy was in a “horrible” position for such an event, but the doctor said he was able to see enough to have no cause for concern. all looked marvelous.

the ultrasound screen has my diagnoses listed as “ama” and “ivf.” advanced maternal age and in vitro fertilization if you didn’t know. six letters that call for the special heart ultrasound. and other such extra precautions and tests.

heartburn and indigestion are my constant companions. at least i’m not lonely.

when we go on our babymoon to california, we are flying first class. thanks to my frequent flyer miles. i say it’s a good reward for all those weeks in a row i flew to albuquerque. and the other times i went to all those other places for work.

i’m ready for a nap. too bad i’m not furloughed anymore.

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