22 weeks v shutdown

first things first.

ben felt the baby move this morning. it was all very fun and exciting. very.

i got a massage last night. it was lovely, but i admit that i long for the future day when i will be able to have a massage while lying on my stomach. they are better. sorry baby, but it’s true.

no talk of babies choosing gender at yoga last week.

the brown spots on my face are not dark or large. it’s more like my freckles are more visible now and bigger, too.

i am completely and totally behind on registering for baby boy larsen. i wonder if that will always be true.

i have other things to say about pregnancy this week, but who can concentrate on that when you’re spending all your time getting ready for a government shutdown and then actually notifying your staff and receiving notification yourself that everybody in the office is being furloughed.

i blame no particular political party. i blame all political parties and politicians generally. and i blame egos and stupidity. but that’s all wrapped up in the word “politician” right.

and it’s not like i even mind having some time off of work. i’ve got a long list of things that need doing. and we have some money in savings so it’s not like we’ll be suddenly destitute.

but how long will this go on? how much salary won’t i be getting? how much leave won’t i be earning? this is all very important when you have to spend a lot of money getting ready for a baby and need to save up all the leave you can so you can take time off work when the baby comes.

i’m not mad about being furloughed. i’m mad that congress and the president aren’t doing their jobs (still and again) because they’re busy grandstanding and posturing and positioning. i really think that so many americans think that government workers are lame because we get lumped in with congress and whoever happens to be commander in chief. maybe i’m wrong. i don’t have data to back me up.

i love my country. i’m so grateful to have a job. i hope i get to go back to it soon.

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3 Responses to 22 weeks v shutdown

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    This is what I wrote in my journal this morning about the shut down and such.
    Big day today: 1. Federal Government shut down because of the arrogant, stupid, inflexible politicians, first and foremost King Barack, and second, Harry Reid, Senate majority leader. 2. The official beginning of Obamacare, hated medical care for all. Well, hated by me and most folks of a conservative mind.
    Twenty-two weeks really matters. Ben feeling the baby move matters. Your health matters. I know money matters, too. But I’m going to think about baby boy Larsen today.


  2. Carol Schiess says:

    You do realize, do you not, that you can now count down. As in, eighteen weeks to go. Just thinking out loud.


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