21 weeks

i have felt for a couple of weeks now that i have too much to do and not enough time to do it before baby boy larsen arrives.

i am confident i can feel the baby moving and have been able to for a few weeks now. last night as i was going to bed, i’m pretty sure the little guy had the hiccups. it’s a lot cuter to think about a little fetus having the hiccups than to see an infant with the hiccups. well, infants with hiccups are still cute, but you end up feeling so bad for them as they are jerked so violently around by diaphragm spasms. but when you can’t see the jerking, when it’s just a sensation inside you, you can conjure in your mind the cutest little picture of your baby. at least i can.

i have rashes on my feet from all the walking i did last week during my training. the rashes not anywhere that my shoes (sandals) were. in fact, the rashes appear only where my skin was not covered by my shoes. what the heck is that? probably eczema

we’re getting a print framed that will go on the nursery wall.

the office furniture that was in our nursery is now in the sun room.

i have hemorrhoids. sorry to say.

apparently, i also have some dark spots on my face.

at yoga last saturday during the relaxation time at the end, my yoga instructor was saying soothing and baby-loving things while we relaxed. i was mostly tuning her out and relaxing away. until she talked about having space to accept the “baby’s choice of gender.” that statement pushed me right out of relaxation mode. i don’t have the energy to tell you all the problems i have with that statement.

i ate half of a small pizza for lunch yesterday. it was tasty and pleasing to me. until i got nasty heartburn.

the student midwife told me this morning that my baby is a “mover” as she had to move the doppler around several times to find the heartbeat long enough to get a heart rate.

more about baby movement. sometimes i feel almost queasy or woozy from all the movement. wonder how i’ll be feeling when the kicking and poking start.

my belly is measuring 21 weeks. just right.


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3 Responses to 21 weeks

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    It all sounds about right. And a) I have trouble with that yoga person’s statement; b) do you drink plenty of water? and c) we who love you are tracking along with you. You knew that.


  2. Marty says:

    Didn’t notice the dark spots on your face, the rash on your feet, or the hemorrhoids … yesterday.


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