20 weeks

i just locked myself out of my hotel room. i was going to the vending machine to buy a water. i stood at the door before i went out, with my room key in hand, and debated about whether i should buy 1 water or 2. i finally reasoned that 2 made sense and went back to get more change out of my wallet. i put the room key down to free up both hands for rummaging through my coins. i never picked the room key back up.

i have now returned from getting a key from lyndra at the front desk. you should see what i’m wearing. the orange polka-dot bottoms from my Christmas pajamas and the red and blue and white striped shirt that my dad wore to my mba graduation. and no bra.

a glass door separates the elevators from the reception area in the building where i’m attending training this week. “pull” is etched into the glass on the side going from the elevators to the reception area. which means that when coming from the other direction, you push. of course, since the doors are glass the “pull” is visible from the other side, only the letters and word are backwards.

so far this week, i have tried to pull on the door every time i’ve gone from the reception area to the elevators. my brain sees the backwards “pull,” and i reflexively pull.

and then push because pulling doesn’t work.

i often get up from a chair, intent on doing something or going somewhere, only to realize that i can’t remember why i got up in the first place.

pregnancy brain is real.

today, i asked the 2 women sitting in the reception area if i look pregnant to them. i told them i am pregnant and wondering if a stranger could tell.

“no,” one of them said, “you look pretty.”

chew on that one for a minute.

we found out this week that our little baby is a little boy. in case you didn’t already know because we’ve been telling everyone.

that means 8 generations in my husband’s family where the oldest child is a boy and then has a boy first.

i still haven’t figured out a way to explain that where it makes sense.

i started to register at buybuybaby over the weekend. i think it is more accurate to say that i attempted to start. i think my sister, who was with me, would agree that the whole affair was close to abject failure. it was no one’s fault, except that my sister partially blames herself, i’m sure. if anyone is to blame, it is the buybuybaby employee who helped us. but that’s another story.

i got a bloody nose today.

a woman in my training class approached me at lunch and said that now that i’m pregnant people will go out of their way to give me unsolicited advice. and then she proceeded to give me her pieces of unsolicited advice. get an epidural, she said. and being pregnant and the first year of my baby’s life will be the happiest time of my life. so there you go.

remind me to write down the story of our ultrasound and our baby boy’s antics throughout.

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3 Responses to 20 weeks

  1. mar says:

    everything about this makes me smile. love you and your baby boy!


  2. Carol Schiess says:

    Please do write it down. And please do write the post you promised, sort of, about the day you first learned you were pregnant.
    Here’s my unsolicited advice: take good care of yourself.


  3. ann says:

    I love your outfit.

    And I’m really sorry that when you had your bloody nose, I had your little packet of tissues in my bag. That’s what you get for generously sharing your tissues with your snotty-nosed little niece.


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