what dreams may come

last night i dreamed that i was going on another mission for the lds church and had forgotten completely about it until just a few days before i was supposed to go. i was at some work/church event and talking over upcoming meetings and conferences when the character in my dream who played my boss queried whether i’d be around for said meetings and conferences because wasn’t i leaving on a mission soon?

i was freaking out about not being ready and thinking i should call and see if i could come a week later. i spent a lot of time looking at a paper calendar trying to find where i’d written down the date of my departure and wondering why i’d made all these plans and appointments after that date.

it was somehow of secondary concern that i was pregnant and would have a baby while a missionary. i had a passing thought of putting off the start date until after the baby came. which also makes no sense.

i have no idea where ben was.

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3 Responses to what dreams may come

  1. ann says:

    anxiety much?


  2. Carol Schiess says:

    I love dreams.
    Right on, Ann.
    And did you eat chocolate at bedtime?


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