i will be in training and away from home all of next week. leaving sunday night (sept 15) and coming back friday (sept 20) after training is over.

and then there’s a meeting the following monday and tuesday (sept 23 and 24) that i could attend. until this morning, i thought i was a mandatory attendee and would be making the long commute again just 2 days after coming home.

come to find out, i am not a mandatory attendee at the monday meeting. nothing is stopping me from waiting until monday night to make the drive down.

this is where you’re probably getting confused. where is the dilemma? you don’t have to go, alyce, so don’t go.

here, my friends, is the rub.

the dairy godmother flavor of the day on monday, september 23 is mozambique (vanilla custard flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves). my absolute favorite frozen custard flavor at the dg.

if you look at the flavor of the day forecast, you will see that the dg is closed every tuesday. tuesday is the night i’m in dc (most of the time). i drive down on monday evenings (too tired to think about frozen custard that night) and drive home right after work on wednesdays (too eager to get home to go probably an hour or more (given the realities of rush hour traffic) out of my way to get some frozen custard).

so i rarely get to visit the dg.

and now you’re saying, just go on monday or wednesday or thursday next week. you’ll be down there all week. go and partake of some other variety of frozen custard goodness. but you’re saying that without looking at the flavor offerings those days. no thank you, i say.

are you starting to see my dilemma?

who knows when the dg will have mozambique again? and what is the likelihood that i will be (or could be) in town that day?

do i miss out on mozambique and give myself an extra day at home? or do i attend that monday meeting and reward myself with delicious frozen custard?

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4 Responses to dilemma

  1. Alisha Donahue says:

    go to the meeting, get the custard.


  2. Jessica says:

    Um. Ice Cream. Worth it.


  3. Carol Schiess says:

    This is your mother speaking. Stay home.
    Mozambique, Schmozambique. You will have another chance at it.


  4. Yvette says:

    That is certainly a dilemma, and I’m glad it’s you and not me who has to decide. You could always ask a friend to buy you a pint to have for you when you get into town…


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