17 weeks

as i’ve headed into the throes of the second trimester, i have not discovered a return of energy and pep. the heartburn and constipation are not as bad as during the first trimester. but i’m still tired as all get out. and if i don’t take a nap during the day, forgetaboutit.

a new “symptom” i’ve discovered here in tri-2 has been the increasing sensitivity of my gag reflex. stuff like brushing my teeth or smelling something unpleasant produce an involuntary gag. but i would expect that. i did not, however, expect to find myself gagging when i have a sudden coughing fit.

yesterday, my first official day at 17 weeks, was the first time since i entered pregnancy-land that i vomited. (maybe i should have warned you before i dropped that word on you.)

i had been feeling unwell ever since lunch. it wasn’t nausea. more like i just felt bloated. really bloated and awful. and like something i ate at lunch wasn’t “good.”

brushing my teeth as i got ready for bed set everything in motion. and a few moments later, the vomiting was over and i felt good as new. well, almost good as new.

are you asking yourself why i’m even telling you about how i was selling cars last night (buick!)?

let me ‘splain.

given the way i was feeling, i was pretty concerned about driving from dc to pa yesterday. was the bloated and yucky feeling the start of something bad? would i have to pull over somewhere? would i be able to pull over somewhere if i needed to or would i be stuck in traffic in the middle lane? would i make it?

obviously, i did make it. and i say it was an answer to my prayer. short and desperate and silent though it may have been.

there was something wrong in my lunch yesterday. i was made sick by it. but not until i was safely at home where the suffering and discomfort of it all could be minimal.

aren’t we all grateful for that?

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4 Responses to 17 weeks

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    I love you Alyce


  2. jeanne pickett says:

    I should check on you more often. 17 weeks! pregnant! Hallelujah! I am so excited for you vomiting, heartburn and napping too. Love Jeanne P.


  3. Marty says:

    You now have been fully initiated into the ranks of pregnancy-even though it doesn’t sound like it was pregnancy that caused your “episode.”


  4. ann says:

    I hear you on the random gagging thing. Gagging while brushing my teeth was a daily occurrence and DID at least once result in vomiting. But most of the time it was just unpleasant and made it so I never dared stick my hands in my mouth to floss.

    I’m sorry to have to say this: I don’t like it when vomiting is the answer to my prayers. but I get what you are saying.


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