bright spot

my first day on the job here was jun 30, 2003. that means that my 10-year anniversary is coming up. that means i’ll get a plaque for 10 years of federal service to hang on my wall.

i never have had much by way of career goals, but in any of my daydreams or imaginings, i never even once thought that i might work for the federal government for 10 year (or more).

it’s crazy town. i’m telling you.

last may, my office moved from a leased space in a non-federal building down the street to the main interior building.

so that means that i spent nearly 9 years going to the same building for work.

in those 9 years, i sat in 4 offices. i started on the 5th floor. then i moved down to the 4th floor. then to the 8th floor. then to another office on the 8th floor.

the moves from 5th floor to 4th floor to 8th floor came as a natural result of our office’s growth.

the move to a different office on the 8th floor happened because i got married, moved to pa and started working at home 2 to 3 days a week.

i had been in a corner office with 2 walls of windows. and was it really fair to the other people of my team who came to work in the office every day to leave that office empty half of the time?

apparently not. so i moved to a smaller office with smaller and fewer windows.

almost 9 years. 4 offices.

we’ve been down here in mib for just over a year, and i’m in my 3rd office.

i started out sharing an office here in the 3200 corridor.

but then i got a promotion, so obviously, i needed my own office.

about six months later, i got moved again. i still have my own office. but i no longer can see the washington monument out my window. i also only have 1 closet instead of 2. (these are not complaints. just reporting the facts.)

i am not capable of explaining the reason for the move to the 3rd office. too convoluted and confusing. see today’s earlier post.

13 months. 3 offices.

it’s the little things.




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One Response to bright spot

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    What’s the bright spot? The plaque?


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