i so overuse that word. and i’m getting tired of myself for doing it.

if someone asks how i am, i’m awesome.

if someone asks about my job, it’s totally awesome.

if someone asks about my commute, it’s definitely awesome.

if someone asks about our fertility treatments, they’re pretty much awesome.

(are you also getting tired of me for how much i use the word?)

if someone shares good news, i say how awesome it is.

i could go on.

but i won’t.

i don’t know if or when i will actively work to rid my speech of that blasted word. before i do, i’ll probably need some coping strategies. for example, i’ll need to identify a word (or words) to replace it. and i’ll need to pick out good words – like fantastic or stupendous or decent or tolerable – or else i’ll just end up feeling hollow and will end up back at awesome where i’m comfortable.

until then, i hope you’re having an awesome day.

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3 Responses to awesome

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    I kind of like tolerable, but you could say:
    peachy, swell, dandy, not unawesome, not hollow, top-notch, not bad, okey-dokey, good, and so on. Mostly, I’m not serious about those replacement words. Except for one of them: good.
    As for me, thinking of you: you are the best. That’s good to the max.


  2. Christie says:

    You’re so awesome, Alyce!


  3. Mary says:

    Go with phenomenal!!! It was my go to word my freshman year of college and when I catch up with my friends they still tease me mercilessly.


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