best idea ever

IMG_7429 copy gIMG_7105 copy


four years ago today.

the weather today might actually be perfect. sunshine. just the right amount of breeze. not enough humidity to really notice it.

as a treat to myself for our anniversary, i went outside and walked around for 20 minutes. it was glorious. beautiful. i tried to relish every breath i took and notice how each breeze felt on my (pale pale pale) skin.

our actual wedding day was not perfect weather. overcast. not quite warm. threatening rain. (it rained in the late evening/overnight, soaking the streamers and oreos we had left on the getaway car. my nephew ate the oreos the next day and reported that they were delicious.)

i’m going to walk back my previous statement about imperfect wedding day weather. the clouds did make for some wonderful conditions for photos. i must say.

IMG_7377 copy


IMG_7209 copy


happy anniversary, sweetcakes. here’s to 40 more. or more.

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One Response to best idea ever

  1. Christie Egbert says:

    Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful bride and what exquisite colors!


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