i spoke in church, installment 1

i spoke in church on sunday, january 20. i was given the topic of becoming like Christ.

here’s an expansion on something i said. something that helps me think about how to become like Christ in my own life. i want to write it down so i don’t forget.

background:  i went to the temple to receive my endowment on november 8, 1996. at the end of an endowment session, you enter the celestial room. (<— if you click on that link and scroll down, you’ll see a paragraph about the celestial room. it basically represents the idea of returning to the presence of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.)

i was the first person in the session to enter the celestial room.

i’m not sure how to describe what happened. no visions or heavenly apparitions. no.

the most appropriate word i can find is love.

actually, that’s all i remember. i felt love. was filled with love. overwhelmed by love. became one with love for a few moments. like i walked right into it.

and it wasn’t a feeling of being loved beyond any degree that i could possibly deserve. i say that part because my memory of how i felt tells me that i should have felt that way. the feeling of love was powerful, indescribable; there’s no way i’m deserving of it.

no, i didn’t feel undeserving. it felt right. happy way deep down.

of course i started crying.

that was my first experience in the celestial room.

now back to becoming like Christ.

entering into the presence of God and Christ = love.

if i want to become like Christ, if i want to be comfortable in His presence, i need to fill myself and my life with love.

simple as that. (in concept, anyway.)

no, i have not discovered another dimension or plane of existence. people have said that “God is love” for who knows how long.

i’m just telling you my real life experience that helps me understand what “God is love” means. my real life experience that gives me a tangible thing i can do to become more like my Savior.

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2 Responses to i spoke in church, installment 1

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    What a wonderful girl you are. And such courage. I’m proud of your.


  2. Carol Schiess says:

    I am proud of you, not your. Sorry.


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