london 2012 in review

i will now treat you to everything (literally) we wrote in our london 2012 wall calendar that my mom gave us sometime in january of 2012.

(we were very inconsistent about including family members’ birthdays. heck, my own birthday didn’t even get mentioned. so don’t take it personally.)

here goes.

january 21 – game night

january 27 – feed sisters

february 2-6 – alyce to san diego

february 4 – angie’s wedding

march 2 – lola’s bday

march 3 – happy birthday to ben

march 11 – andrew’s bday

march 28 – nyc training

march 30-31 – lola!

april 17 – romney dinner

may 1 – happy anniversary

may 17 – amer[ican] music theatre

june 8 – miss saigon

july 4-11 – idaho & utah

august 4 – jonah

september 27-october 7 – utah utah

the end.



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One Response to london 2012 in review

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    That’s ok. I know you lived October 8 – December 31. And you know it, too. I wish I could find another London calendar for you.


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