be ye warned

my husband and i tried to go to the movies the other afternoon and were thwarted at every turn. literally.

but did we give up and go home? no. we went to target to kill time until the next showing. i can think of at least 2 people whose Christmas stockings benefited from that detour. that’s also where we found my mil’s new scarf that she seems to quite like.

at one point, after turning our noses up at target’s tree topper offerings and gasping at the $50 price tag for 3 jason wu ornaments, we found ourselves perusing the chip aisle. my husband lingered longer on a package of pirate’s booty. maybe that looks good to him, i thought, and filed it away for another day. my eyes didn’t linger very long on the pirate’s booty. i saw something about aged white cheddar and assumed it was white cheddar popcorn (yum).

we ultimately did not purchase anything from the chip aisle.

fast forward a week or so to hear about my trip to costco.

i saw a giant bag of kettle corn and costco’s chip section. here’s the progression of my ensuing thoughts.

kettle corn. yum. i like kettle corn. but i’m trying not to eat too much sugar. hey, didn’t i see a giant bag of pirate’s booty somewhere? i could get that instead. it’s still popcorn. and white cheddar popcorn is always good. and ben looked at it for a while at target the other day, so he’ll probably be pleased as punch with my purchase.

i added it to my cart.

yeah, no.

pirate’s booty is not white cheddar popcorn. it’s also not good. unless you like low-quality cheese puffs.

lesson learned. i hope.

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5 Responses to be ye warned

  1. ann says:

    I know, right? I do not understand the appeal of this stuff. It’s AIR people. You are paying for AIR. And saltiness. Doesn’t mom have a blog post about this?


  2. Carol Schiess says:

    I believe, people, that it is gluten free. That would appeal to some I know and hold dear.


  3. Carol Schiess says:

    Guesswork not permitted in this matter because people who can’t eat gluten really can’t eat gluten. And they can’t take chances with it. So a person ought to find out. A person that is you, I mean.
    Not that this is the purpose of your post, which purpose is perfectly clear. I am just in a muddying mood today.


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