had my first appointment this morning. it was long. i did a lot of lying around. with needles stuck here and there and everywhere. i go back again on thursday.

i have been told to avoid milk entirely. raw or uncooked foods as much as possible.

and i have homework. about 30 minutes of meditation to do morning and night. if i don’t do it twice a day, i for sure must do it in the morning. (which is going to be hard for the next couple of mornings because i get up at 5:40 already when i’m down in dc, so now i’ll need to get up at 5 am to make sure i have time.)

there’s going to be a lot to keep track of this cycle. i’m hopeful (almost confident) that i can handle it. continued acupuncture treatments. homework. then we’ll add to that the injections and other drugs. blood tests. ultrasounds. the retrieval. the report of number of mature eggs. the report the next day about how many eggs became embryos. the embryo transfer. the diet restrictions. the dietary supplements. and regular exercise.

surely there’s more.

but like i say, i think i’ll be able to handle it. not because anything is easier. just because my capacity to do is increasing. because of my own growth and because of help from above.

you could never have asked me to do all this the first go-round. i was so nervous about the injections alone that i dropped a vial of drugs on the floor. remember? all the extra stuff would have been just too much.

anyway. on to another topic.

i have a limited understanding of the chinese language. i know enough to believe i’m right that the language doesn’t really have past and future tenses. you don’t really conjugate verbs. things just are. and there there a few words here and there that get thrown in to indicate if the thing you’re talking about has already happened or not yet. i never learned enough chinese when i was in taiwan to know how or when to use those “time” words.

my acupuncturist is chinese. from szechuan region. i’m trying to come up with a way to describe her fluency in english.

i would say she is fluent in her understanding. it’s probably also correct to say she’s fluent in speaking. she doesn’t pause or grasp for words. she talks like the language comes naturally to her. her pronunciation is most definitely influenced by her native chinese, making some words hard to understand. and she doesn’t put her sentences together like a native english speaker. i would say that how she strings words together is also influenced by her native chinese.

which brings me back to what i think i know about the chinese language. when my acupuncturist uses “time” words (like “ever” or “not ever”), does she mean them like i would mean them? does she mean them like a chinese person would mean them? and how would a chinese person really mean them?

i may not be explaining myself well. i want to understand this woman who is part of the medical team trying to help me get pregnant. or perhaps more importantly, i don’t want to misunderstand her. i don’t want to read into what she is saying something that isn’t there.

at this point i’m not sure if my limited understanding is just enough to make me dangerous or just enough to make me more likely to be able to communicate.

i end this post now the only way i can think of.


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One Response to acupunctured

  1. ann says:

    yeah. blah.

    but I’m glad you feel confident that you can handle all of this. I think you can, too.


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