facebook fast

so the other day my sister updated her facebook status to read something like “no facebook november.” one brother and my other sister got on board, and i followed. just like the lemming that i am.

i don’t know the rules exactly. maybe there aren’t any. for me it means that i won’t be getting on facebook for the rest of november. i’ve turned off the notifications on my phone, too.

what in the world am i going to do with my time? guess we’re about to find out.

i also note that my interaction with the brother who joined the facebook-less party is basically limited to facebook. i wonder if this means i won’t interact with him this month.

if you are reading this post because you saw the link on facebook and think that i’m weak and can’t really give up facebook, you are mostly wrong. my blog is set up to post to facebook anytime i post to wordpress. so i’m not getting on facebook. my blog is. do i really have to deactivate that setting to be able to say that i’m not facebooking it this month? i hope not.

in any event (i learned that phrase from all the lawyers i work with who use it all the time, even when it doesn’t work), i think my claim that i’m off facebook is stronger than anyone who’s ever said, “i didn’t inhale.”

so yeah. i’ll let you know how it goes. and if you want to reach me in the next few weeks, try something other than mr. zuckerberg’s baby.

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3 Responses to facebook fast

  1. ann says:

    yes, i had that same concern about interacting with our facebook fasting brother. we’ll see.

    I think you’re ok on auto blog linking.


  2. dots says:

    I thought you had given up facebook a long time ago 🙂


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