(i’m not talking about the refineries in louisiana.)

i once had a co-worker for whom garlic was such a significant part of her diet that she smelled of it. not her breath. just her. like the garlic was emanating from her skin and hair. you know what i’m talking about.

i currently have a co-worker who smells like red bull. at least i think he does. he came and stood in the doorway of my office while holding an open can of red bull. i could smell it. the red bull. (i’m gagging again at the memory.) i assumed the smell came from the open can.

but then i was in the vicinity of the same co-worker on another occasion when no can of red bull was in sight, and i smelled the red bull again. so i took the logic leap and concluded that he smells like red bull because of his excessive red bull consumption.

but can i really be sure? or is my mind that powerful and brought the smell memory front and center?

i’ll continue my data collection and let you know what i learn.

i also will do my level best not to wonder what i smell like to other people.

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2 Responses to olfactories

  1. ann says:

    Sometimes people take garlic supplements and then it does ooze from their pores. Not cool. I’m happy to report, though, that I don’t know what redbull smells like.


  2. Carol Schiess says:

    Ah, Kimchee. I remember that smell on the breath of students and, yes, coming out their pores. But, no, I have never smelled Red Bull breath. I’m okay with that.


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