dashed all to pieces

first off, don’t judge.

i watched a couple of repeat episodes of keeping up with the kardashians last night. and lucky, lucky me, they were the episodes where khloe finds out she isn’t ovulating and needs some level of fertility treatment. within 2 weeks of that revelation (at least as far as the show was edited), kourtney has her baby girl. and somewhere in there kim begins efforts to harvest her eggs and freeze them for later.

side note: kim had to give herself shots for the egg harvesting endeavor. she couldn’t bring herself to stab her tummy on the first day, so kris (her mom, in case you know nothing about the show (and it’s totally respectable if you don’t, ps)) offers to do it and ends up stabbing through kim’s pinched up flesh and into kim’s finger that was doing the pinching. and just so you know, that scene ended with me feeling pretty good about my pin-pricking skills.

is my plight to have a child of my own the hip thing to do now?

okay, that’s not really what i’m thinking. or thought.

truth be told, i felt for khloe as she cried on the screen about feeling pressure and feeling like a failure and all that good stuff. it was hard for me to watch. because it brought up all these feelings that i am happily leaving lay while my husband and i take a break from the ivf action and save our drug money.

poor khloe. she has a real problem. not a fake tv problem. a real and heart-wrenching problem. (of course, she doesn’t have the financial stresses of her problem, but let’s not think about that.)

and that got me thinking. are the other problems the kardashians have on that show real problems, too, and i just don’t see them as problems because i completely and in no way can identify with them? but since i know about infertility and how hard it is, i judge it worthy to be called a stress in khloe’s life?

are you picking up what i’m putting down?

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3 Responses to dashed all to pieces

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    Life With the Larsens. No, I can’t see it.
    But I’m not judging you for keeping up with the Kardashians. I do judge Bruce Jenner for his face, though.


  2. ann says:

    You’ve hit on why I hate shows like that. I believe they are in part DESIGNED to get us to mock, judge, and criticize these people. And heaven knows I do that enough in my real life without adding tv shows into the mix. Or if I don’t mock and criticize, I’m sort of going, “phew at least my life isn’t THAT screwed up,” which isn’t exactly compassionate either. So good job feeling compassion. But I don’t trust myself to ever do that when watching that stuff.

    Sorry. Off of soapbox now.


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